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Commercial Damage Restoration in Houston

Structural Cleaning is an essential part of the recovery process. Your restoration company may need to remove insulation, drywall, and flooring if structural damage has occurred due to fire or flood. This will allow you to inspect the damage and prepare your home or office for repairs.

The recovery process is only complete if the contents are identified and kept separate. To inventory contents, the restoration company must identify and document all items that have been damaged by fire or flood.

What is a Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan (CERP)?

A CERM plan is necessary for many reasons. A CERM plan is designed to speed up the restoration process and simplify it. As a business, your ultimate goal is to be able again to operate. A commercial emergency plan’s purpose is to help you recover as quickly as possible.
Your CERM plan can help you address this issue. Protecting your customers and employees’ health during and after disasters should be your first priority. Start by listing the most common disasters that could occur in your region and what actions you need to take.
Every business is vulnerable to disaster damage, but businesses and organizations that provide critical services for their communities are most likely to benefit from business CERM. A business CERM plan will ensure that your property is back in service quickly, regardless of whether it has been damaged by water or burned.
The great thing about having a CERM plan prepared with a trusted company for commercial restoration is that they are always available to help you when you need it.
You will need to have business records that prove the damage and inventory. To ensure smooth operations, it is important to have all the necessary information for your insurance company at hand. A CERM plan will help you to have all the information you need in advance so that you don’t have to panic if disaster strikes.
A CERM plan can save you a lot of money and time trying to recover from an emergency. The CERM plan provides all the information you need to quickly restore your property and make it affordable. This will allow you to return to business faster. This guide will help you get started if you don’t yet have a CERM program.
You and your professional restoration company will both have the necessary information to quickly clean up after a CERM is created. Your plan could include information such as where the water shutoffs are for in the event of water damage and the general layout of the building for cleaning up after.
A commercial emergency plan provides your business and disaster restoration companies with the information they need to respond quickly to any damage to commercial property. It is difficult to know what decisions you will need to make after a business suffers severe damage. Having a plan helps everyone in the process. Houston Restoration Pros can help with the planning and recovery phases to get your business back on track.


A Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan {You should always have a Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan (CERM) in place. This plan is essential in the event of a disaster. The Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan (CERM), is something you should have and be able to execute in case of disaster. In case of an emergency, a Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan (CERM), should be in place. A Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan (CERM), a plan that you need to have ready and available in case of emergency, is an important one. What does this mean? The first step is to assess the extent of damage that has occurred in the wake of an emergency or natural disaster. These types of emergency can strike at any moment and you don’t want to be stuck with no clues.
You should next contact Houston Restoration Pros Services to let them know what damage you have done. This will allow them to send the appropriate people on-site at all times. This information is crucial because it will allow your project manager to assign the correct crew for each task. It is not a good idea to leave a crew without any knowledge.
Next, get an estimate of costs to determine where your money is going. Then, you can get started on fixing it up. This will involve hiring contractors, workers and temporary office space for employees, if necessary. A Commercial Emergency Restoration Plan is a great tool.

Drying Solutions for Your Business Property

Houston Restoration Pros has the following equipment available to clean up your business after fire and water damage:

Vacuum Cleaners and Dry Vacs

You can use a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum up any liquids, such as sewage and water on your floor. You can also use a dry vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from ceilings, walls, and furniture.


If your space is going to get wet again, what’s the point in cleaning it up? Dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air and walls to prevent mold growth.

Air Movers

When drying out a property after a flood, what do you prefer: Good or bad airflow? You can stop mold growth by using an air mover to provide ventilation.

Duct Cleaning

If your space is going to get wet again, what’s the point in cleaning it up? After water damage or fire damage, ducts can be cleaned with a HEPA vacuum to remove any debris that could cause another disaster.

If your business property has been damaged by water, drying it out is a must. It is not enough to stop flooding. You also need to repair any damage and dry the property as fast as possible to prevent mold growth. You will need a drying system that can quickly dry your property following water damage.

There are many drying options for Your Business Property: fans, pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers can all be used to remove moisture from flooded buildings.

You can also use drying solutions to dry your business property. These include products such as absorbents, rope squeeze gees, and vacuum cleaners. The equipment you have in your building will be needed immediately. These drying solutions are affordable and can be purchased at your local hardware shop.

You may also need a generator to dry your business property, or refrigeration to reduce humidity in contaminated areas. It is important to immediately replace any damaged materials. You can dry your business property by removing any insulation that is wet and then drying the carpet using a dehumidifier.

Drying solutions are essential because they dry your business property quickly so that mold does not develop. The Drying Solutions for Your Business Property you require will depend on the type of water damage and the materials within the building. Although drying solutions are simple, they can take some time. Make sure you have the latest equipment so that you can dry your property as quickly as possible.

These drying solutions are:

– Use air movers to quickly remove water from flooded areas

Pumps that pump excess water out of floodwaters if they are not present

– Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air and prevent mold growth

– Fans are great Drying Solutions for Your Business Property as they consume less energy than other Drying Solutions for Your Business Property such as pumps and dehumidifiers, but still require a steady supply of electricity.


Professionally trained and certified recovery technicians. Our wholly environmental division offers services.

Evaluate – Receiving what can be saved

Inventory & Pack-out

Sorting, Cleaning

Storage and Re-Inventory


Every hour spent on restoration can cost your business hundreds of hours and thousands in lost revenue. It is crucial to perform a quick and efficient cleanup after a disaster. Jenkins can provide commercial and large-loss restoration services that will help your business get back on track as soon as possible.

Your business can be affected by catastrophe at any moment. Our clients can count on us to be there for them 24 hours a days, 7 days a semaine, 365 days per year.

All types of commercial roofing repairs and replacements are performed by highly skilled roofing professionals.

Seasoned project managers supervise, schedule and closely manage the project from beginning to end, keeping you informed and sending weekly updates.

Houston Restoration Pros

We provide commercial restoration services, including water damage restoration and mold removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, document recovery and commercial cleaning services for a variety of commercial buildings:
Houston Restoration Pros can provide professional commercial restoration services as well as commercial water damage restoration. We will get your business back on track as quickly as possible.
We understand the damage that a fire can do to businesses. We offer cleaning, decontamination and restoration services for commercial buildings and businesses that have been affected by smoke and fire damage.
It is crucial to act immediately if water enters your business. Our experts can help you extract water from the premises, dry it, clean and disinfect it, and then reconstruct it. We also have mold remediation and removal services.


We can now restore books and documents that were lost years ago due to fire, water, smoke, or mold damage using the most recent restoration techniques.
We provide demolition, controlled demolition, construction, and reconstruction services for commercial buildings and offices. We can help you rebuild or re-establish your company if your building has been severely damaged or compromised by any disaster, large or small.


Floods, storms, flooding, a weakened roof or HVAC leak, frozen pipes or sewage backup, all can cause serious water damage to your property. 


This is a serious health risk. Mold can be very difficult to control and is very common. Do you have the skills and knowledge to deal with mold quickly before it becomes a safety hazard?

Content Loss

Any emergency can cause irreparable damage to important documents or other valuables in your workplace. Are you prepared to clean and restore contents?

Trauma & Crime Scene

Professionals must be certified to clean up after an unexpected workplace crime. A CERM will quickly get professionals to the scene and make it easier for you to deal with any type of severe weather. You can be prepared for any of these with a good CERM plan.

The first step in disaster recovery is filing an insurance claim. You will need to collect all relevant information from your insurance company and get in touch with them as soon as possible after an unfortunate event. You will need to document any damage to your property, and keep track of all expenses incurred during repairs as part of the claims process. A good ERM company will help you assess the damage, and record your findings.

Every organization, whether it is a business or a nonprofit, must consider the cost of every activity. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to emergency restoration. It’s difficult to predict how much the restoration will cost because every business is unique and every emergency is different. Be wary of restoration companies that offer low estimates just to get your business.

It’s best to inquire about the services before you ask for a price. Understanding the scope of different restoration jobs can help you get a clear picture of costs and give you an understanding of the process. Here are some examples of commercial restoration services you may need to pay for in case of disaster.

It doesn’t take much time or energy to find contractors who can provide the services you require. Or worse, it could be easier to do the work yourself. It is best to leave restoration to professionals.

Commercial Property Restoration

For commercial property restoration to be successful, it is important to have the right experience and expertise. IICRC-certified specialists are required. The Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Board certifies restoration technicians to meet the highest industry standards. They are expected to be honest, competent, and skilled. Before you create a CERM plan, ask your preferred restoration company whether their technicians are certified.
It can be overwhelming for most businesses to hire a CERM company. You want to make the right decision for something as important as this. These are some suggestions to help you get started.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can have devastating effects on your business for many reasons. Water damage can cause your business to shut down for an extended time. If this happens, it can lead to serious long-term damage. A business that is submerged cannot be operated. Your business will be put on hold until the standing water is removed and the source of the problem is fixed. Restoration 1 knows that every day your business is closed, there will be another day of lost revenue.

Houston Restoration Pros is the right choice. We are able to quickly handle any amount of water damage to your company. We are just a phone call away, and we are trained and equipped to assist local businesses in reopening their doors to the public quicker after any disaster.
Commercial water damage that you suffer as a business owner will be very similar to that which you would experience as a homeowner. Flooding, plumbing leaks or sewage backups could all be possible.
No matter what type of commercial water damage your property has, restoration is crucial in resolving it. Houston Restoration Pros uses only the most current equipment and approved methods to resolve commercial water damage.
The commercial water damage cleanup process is the same regardless of the fact that each case is unique. We offer a simple and thorough service to assist you. First, call us and we will come out to inspect and assess the damage. Next, we will work on mitigation, cleanup, and disinfection. Finally, we move onto restoration and repair. We will remove any standing water and mold from your property, and get you back on track. We are available 24/7 and just a phone call away

Liquid flow: This is the amount of water that enters an area the fastest. This could be caused by a broken main water supply or melting snow.
Vapor Diffusion is: This situation requires that you understand that moisture will always try to equalize pressure. The water vapor pressure will cause moisture to flow through airspaces. This could happen in a room, or within certain materials.
Capillary suction: This refers to the absorption water through capillary walls. Concrete and wood are two examples.

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