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Attic flooring replacement is an essential part of attic repair and restoration. The attic floor serves as a vital barrier between the living space and the attic, providing insulation, support, and protection. When it comes to replacing attic flooring, different materials can be used, depending on various factors such as durability, insulation properties, cost, and ease of installation. This comprehensive guide explores the different materials available for attic flooring replacement and provides insights into their selection criteria.

1. Plywood

1.1 Durability

Plywood is a popular choice for attic flooring due to its durability. It is made from multiple layers of wood veneer, which are glued together to create a strong and stable surface. Plywood can withstand heavy loads and is suitable for storing items in the attic.

1.2 Insulation Properties

While plywood itself does not provide insulation, it can be combined with other insulation materials to enhance the attic’s overall insulation. Adding a layer of rigid foam insulation between the plywood and the attic floor helps improve energy efficiency.

1.3 Cost

Plywood is relatively affordable compared to other attic flooring materials. The cost may vary depending on the type and thickness of the plywood.

1.4 Ease of Installation

Plywood is easy to install, especially if the attic floor is already leveled and prepared. It can be easily cut to fit the desired dimensions and screwed or nailed into place.

2. Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

2.1 Durability

OSB is another commonly used material for attic flooring replacement. It is made from compressed wood strands and resin, making it strong and durable. OSB can withstand heavy loads and is suitable for attics used for storage.

2.2 Insulation Properties

Similar to plywood, OSB alone does not provide insulation. However, adding insulation materials between the OSB and the attic floor improves thermal efficiency.

2.3 Cost

OSB is generally less expensive than plywood, making it a budget-friendly option for attic flooring replacement.

2.4 Ease of Installation

Installing OSB is relatively easy, and it can be cut to fit the desired dimensions. It can be nailed or screwed into place, similar to plywood.

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3. Engineered Wood Flooring

3.1 Durability

Engineered wood flooring is made by bonding multiple layers of wood together. It is more resistant to moisture and warping compared to traditional hardwood floors, making it suitable for attics with potential moisture issues.

3.2 Insulation Properties

Engineered wood flooring does not provide insulation on its own. It can be combined with a thin layer of foam underlayment to improve insulation and soundproofing.

3.3 Cost

Engineered wood flooring is generally more expensive than plywood or OSB. The cost may vary depending on the quality and type of wood used.

3.4 Ease of Installation

Engineered wood flooring is relatively easy to install, especially if it has a click-lock system that allows for easy interlocking and floating installation.

4. Vinyl Flooring

4.1 Durability

Vinyl flooring is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, making it a suitable option for attics with potential moisture issues. It is available in various styles, including vinyl planks and vinyl tiles.

4.2 Insulation Properties

Vinyl flooring does not provide insulation on its own. However, some vinyl flooring options come with built-in foam underlayment to enhance insulation.

4.3 Cost

Vinyl flooring is generally more affordable compared to hardwood or engineered wood flooring. The cost may vary depending on the quality and style of vinyl chosen.

4.4 Ease of Installation

Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to install, especially if it has a click-lock system or adhesive backing. It can be installed directly over the existing attic floor or subfloor.

5. Carpet Tiles

5.1 Durability

Carpet tiles are a versatile and durable option for attic flooring replacement. They are made from individual carpet squares that can be easily replaced if damaged. Carpet tiles are suitable for attics used as living spaces or playrooms.

5.2 Insulation Properties

Carpet tiles provide some insulation properties due to their textile nature. They can help improve thermal comfort in the attic.

5.3 Cost

The cost of carpet tiles varies depending on the quality, style, and brand. Generally, carpet tiles are more affordable compared to wall-to-wall carpeting.

5.4 Ease of Installation

Installing carpet tiles is relatively easy, as they can be laid directly on the attic floor without the need for underlayment or adhesive. They can be easily cut and fitted to the desired dimensions.


Choosing the right material for attic flooring replacement is crucial for the overall functionality, durability, and insulation of the attic space. Plywood, OSB, engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpet tiles are some of the popular options available. Consider factors such as durability, insulation properties, cost, and ease of installation when selecting the most suitable material for your attic flooring replacement.

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What are some common attic insulation issues?

Common attic insulation issues include air leaks, inadequate insulation thickness, compression, moisture problems, and pest infestation. It is important to address these issues to ensure proper insulation and energy efficiency in the attic.

How much does attic insulation cost?

The cost of attic insulation varies depending on factors such as the size of the attic, the type of insulation material used, and the labor costs. On average, attic insulation can cost between $1 and $7 per square foot.

Important statistics:

  • Repairing water damage costs $3.75 to $7 per square foot. – source: Attic Restoration – Cleanup Services – What Does It Cost?
  • Each topical report briefly addresses the nature of the specific fire or fire-related damages. – source: Our services help to return your attic to its original state prior to infestation, and take preventative measures to protect you in the future.
  • Exhaust fans should be properly ducted to minimize animal entry points and airflow. – source: Attic Restoration | Critter Control of Kaw Valley
  • Attic repairs are a common service due to changing weather patterns. – source: Attic Construction is the highest-rated attic insulation, attic cleaning, rodent proofing, and rodent decontamination company.
  • For starters, old or damaged insulation can have a significant impact on utility bills. – source: Homeowner’s Guide to Attic Maintenance – Atticare USA
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