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Contents Restoration in Houston

What is Contents Restoration?

A wide range of items can be restored after disasters such as floods, storms, or fire. Because they encompass everything within the property’s four walls, content restoration is just as important as the reconstruction phase.
Services for content restoration can include everything, from carpets and walls to more specialized items like leather or suede.
Items that are damaged or destroyed may need to be repaired. These services may also include mold or mildew removal for other items such as carpets or drywall.

Not only is content restoration for homes, but commercial properties can also be used. This could also be done for the exterior or interior of commercial properties.

Companies require content restoration for files, documents and computers. These documents can be digitalized and restored to their original condition. With the help of Houston Restoration Pros, you can create a plan for restoration. To complete a content restoration project, you must first know what information is needed to be recovered. This can be done by gathering data about customers and the business. What data is the most valuable and which can be lost? What are your priorities in getting that data back? How long should you plan for the restoration project?

Houston Restoration Pros can help you create this plan using their many years of experience with businesses in the Houston area.

It’s not just about the property or building exteriors that need to be rebuilt after a disaster. Because the contents of a building are the foundation of our lives, it is equally important that they are restored to the condition they were before the disaster. Houston Restoration Pros contents restoration professionals understand how important such items are for our clients and know how to meticulously manage the process.

The process involves drying the property using humidifiers or air movers. It also includes contents restoration, material removal, reconstruction, and mold prevention and/or remediation.

What can be restored after damage?

Textiles such as clothing, shoes, linens and electronic devices can be seriously damaged by water damage. To minimize further damage to your home or its contents, it is important to ensure that these items are taken care of quickly by a water restoration specialist.

Houston Restoration Pros can restore any textiles in your house, even clothes. These are just a few examples of clothing we can restore with our contents water restoration services.

We can offer quality water damage electronics restoration services after a storm, water leak or pipe burst. This will ensure that your electronics are restored to pre-loss condition, and your data is fully recovered.

Talk to one of our contents restoration specialists before you dispose of heirlooms or other personal items that have been damaged by property damage. Houston Restoration Pros can provide peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

Are Your Contents Recoverable after a Disaster?

Although any kind of property damage can cause irreparable damage, many items can be salvaged today thanks to modern contents restoration technology. A contents pack out is usually performed at the beginning of any restoration project. A contents pack out is when a company removes any salvageable items such as clothes, textiles, hard goods, photos and electronics, and takes them off-site to be restored. Some items can’t be saved but others can.
We can assist with furniture, electronics, machinery, and other items. There is a possibility that your item can be returned to its pre-loss condition if it has suffered water or smoke damage. The advancements in contents cleaning technology today are responsible for this. Ultrasonic equipment, specialty dry clean, and electronic cleaning tools have great potential to restore both hard and soft goods. If an item has been incinerated, it will almost always have to be thrown out during contents packing.

Water damaged electronics that can be restored

It is important to take prompt action to avoid further damage when restoring electronics. To prevent further corrosion and damage, they clean the outside of electronic devices. A qualified technician will inspect and clean the electronics.
However, water damage does not necessarily mean the device cannot be used. It is often very expensive to replace electronics that have been damaged by water. Water damaged iPhones, iPads and Android phones, laptops, etc. Repairs can cost up to $300, or more.

Broken screens are also most often caused by water damage. Restoring water-damaged devices is a great option to purchasing new ones. It will also save you hundreds of money on repairs and replacements.

Most electronics that have been damaged by water can be repaired quickly, especially if they are discovered soon after the incident. Some devices that have been damaged by water may be covered for up to one year. Many phones that have been damaged by water are still eligible for insurance.

Water damage can occur anywhere and at any time. It is therefore important to understand the options available to you if your business is affected by water damage.

The Contents Water Damage Restoration Process

The process could include the use of portable extractors to drain any water from the carpet. Other cases may require the carpet to be removed and discarded.
Water damage can lead to water damage in many areas. This includes carpeting, padding, carpeting and drywall. If the damage cannot be repaired, it may be necessary to remove certain building materials. This is done before any drying takes place. It’s possible to remove drywall to expose walls cavities or carpeting to expose subflooring, which can make drying more efficient. If there is no structural damage, restoration companies will typically skip this step to dry out the property.
Your contractor will then strategically place air movers in order to dry the property. Dehumidifiers will also be placed to remove moisture. It’s common for the property to dry in just a few days if it has the right drying plan.
Mold growth can be a problem in some cases of water damage. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours, depending on the circumstances. A restoration company might decide to use antimicrobials to stop mold growth or to destroy existing mold spores.
Although any kind of property damage can cause irreparable damage, many items can be salvaged today thanks to modern contents restoration technology. A contents pack out is usually performed at the beginning of the restoration process. A contents pack out is when a company removes any salvageable items such as clothes, textiles, hard goods, photos and electronics, and takes them off-site to be restored. Some items can’t be saved but others can.
The last step in the restoration process is usually moisture testing to confirm dryness. Construction services are used to rebuild the structure that was destroyed. This can include electrical, plumbing and finish materials. You can rely on a full-service restoration company to help you throughout the process.
Water mitigation basically prevents further damage. It’s basically what professional restoration contractors do before they start the restoration phase in order to limit the property’s loss.
This could include preserving the property’s structure, removing any contents that can be salvaged from the property, and tarping off areas where water damage might spread.
To remove standing water, a truck-mounted commercial extractor is used to extract water from the property. Using portable extractors, water can be removed from carpeting and other soft surfaces.

Contents and Structural Cleaning

Items involved in contents or structural cleaning include Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning,Spray & Wipe,Spray & Wipe,Foam Clean,Abrasive Cleaning and Immersion Cleaning.

Contents Restoration Company

Houston Restoration Pros can help with all kinds of contents restoration, including:

  • Hardwood Floor Damage
  • Structure damage
  • Sewage Cleaning
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Mold remediation
  • Mold Removal
  • Storm Damage
  • Blizzard Damage
  • Hurricane Damage
  • Disaster Response
  • Roof Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Asbestos Dangers
  • Fire Damage
  • Black Mold
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Leak Detection


It is important to move out and pack out during an emergency. There are many things that can go wrong during an emergency situation. However, if you follow the correct procedures for moving out of your house due to fire or water damage, everything will be fine. Pack-outs and Move-Outs are essential for reducing stress and protecting your home. Moving out can be difficult depending on the extent of damage caused by fire or water.
When moving out of your house, it is crucial to follow the right steps. You should plan ahead for your move outs/packing-outs. There are many things involved at different stages.

Contacting a restoration company is the second step in a pack-out or move out. You should plan ahead for your move-out/pack-out. There are many things involved in each stage. It is important that you have someone to help you through the whole process. You will feel less stressed if they can get started on your property restoration after flooding, fire damage, or other water-related damages. This also helps to keep costs down.

Hire a reputable moving company as the third step. Moving out can be time-consuming, depending on the amount of work needed around your home.

Fourth, pack your belongings. Moving out can be time-consuming, depending on the amount of work needed around your home. People will pack their most important items first. This includes clothing and other important documents like birth certificates, social security cards, and wills. However, it is easy to forget to pack things in stressful situations.

Most pack-out companies recommend that you have at least two days to move out of your home. Everyone should help load boxes into the truck. This will ensure that no heavy items are left outside and nobody is distracted.

Document and Photograph Drying

Water damage to valuable documents (photos included) can cause irreparable damage. Extreme caution must be exercised to ensure that the document is not destroyed. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are able to save valuable documents and minimize further damage. Find out more about our document restoration services.
We have five options to restore documents depending on the type of document and the extent of the water damage.

Houston Restoration Pros can help you with everything from cleanup to water mitigation to mold remediation and roofing repairs.

Houston Restoration Pros also offers water damage restoration. They offer all types of roofing, roof-tarping, loose layer membrane roofing, emergency roofing and repair, water mitigation, mold remediation.

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