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Houston Restoration Pros Franchise Professionals are a respected leader in the restoration industry. They have the experience, training, and equipment to make your home feel like a home again.

It happens. Children spill drinks, pets get hurt, and homes become dirty. Houston Restoration Pros Franchise Professionals provide a range of cleaning services, including cleaning out air ducts and removing biohazard contaminants. They will help you relieve the stress of maintaining your home and create a comfortable, safe environment for your family.

You and your home deserve the best care

The “right moment” is when disaster strikes your home. It can cause damage that is beyond repair. Houston Restoration Pros professionals can help you get through those moments of despair and frustration. We offer emergency and scheduled services as well as regular services. We offer expert, personal assistance for your home, including fire and water damage restoration, property assessment, and certified tree removal. We offer a full range of residential restoration services, including:


ServiceMaster Restore(r), a trusted provider of home restoration services, can help you if your home has suffered extensive damage from a wildfire or flood. Many homeowners have relied on us to help them rebuild after disasters of all kinds.
Your home should feel like a sanctuary, a refuge from the outside world. Sometimes disaster strikes, and you are not able to control the damage. Your home could be at risk from water, fire and mold, no matter where it is located. It is impossible to plan for every eventuality.


Although mold is an important part of the natural world’s order, indoors it can cause major damage. We provide complete mold remediation services for families and homes. We can remove the mold from walls and floors as well as the mold spores and air. Houston Restoration Pros will ensure that mold doesn’t transfer to other rooms in your house during the process. Professional mold removal services are safer than DIY and amateurs and will make your home a healthy and safe place again.


Carpeting and upholstery are two of the most important components in making your home feel like a home. These significant investments can look less beautiful after water or fire damage. ServiceMaster DSI can clean your upholstery and carpets at a fraction the cost of replacing them. ServiceMaster DSI can clean all types of fabrics.


For many reasons, trauma and biohazard cleanup can be necessary. These could include crime scene cleanup or the death of a family member. Any cleanup that is left behind in your home can be handled professionally and respectfully by us. ServiceMaster DSI can handle the cleanup of biohazards and trauma.


While many companies claim to offer complete disaster cleanup, they don’t provide restoration or repair. Houston Restoration Pros can do it all, from initial assessment to the completion of your home’s reconstruction. The entire project management team oversees the restoration process, from the initial assessment through to completion. This gives you one point of contact throughout the process. Houston Restoration Pros makes it easy for you to manage a stressful time of your life.


We mean emergency response when we say it! You can reach us 24/7/365 via our emergency hotline to get help with your restoration. It doesn’t matter if you have suffered from fire or water damage; it matters how quickly you can salvage items and contain the damage. Houston Restoration Pros is available to help you if you have a disaster at home.


It is crucial to find a company who will offer you board up services during a disaster. This will prevent theft and vandalism from causing more damage to your house and belongings. Houston Restoration Pros provides board-up services when necessary to minimize damage and speed up the repair process.


Water and smoke leave behind acidic residues. Our storage and packing services will minimize the potential damage to your possessions and home. To ensure they are safe, we will take inventory of your belongings, transport them, and then restore them in a climate-controlled facility. The items will be stored until they are safe to be returned to you. Your possessions will be safe while we pack them out and store them until it is time to restore your home.

Residential Damage Restoration in Houston

We are Houston’s most trusted provider of restoration services. Our team is here to restore your home or property to its original condition after an unexpected event. Our highly trained technicians will assess the extent of damage and help to stabilize your property. We have partnered with some of Houston’s most reputable insurance companies thanks to our years of experience.

We will help you navigate the insurance process step-by-step. Contact us today. Do not live in a house that is damaged. Local experts are available to assist you!

Houston Restoration Pros

Houston Restoration Pros can help you with residential disaster restoration such as water removal and fire restoration. You can also fill out an online service request form. You can reach us 24/7/365 by dialing 1-844-413-3130. Houston Restoration Pro will ensure that you have a nearby command center, ensuring you receive an immediate response to any disaster.
Our heritage and reputation are built on the principles of professionalism, expertise and compassion. We also offer customer service, communication, innovation, and customer service. We are sensitive to the destruction caused by a property disaster and we will work with you to restore it.
Losses and damage can occur in any household, regardless of whether they are caused by a fire, flood, or another natural disaster. There is no way to stop them all, but restoration companies can help restore your home and property. Here are three services that they offer residents.


Many homeowners in Houston are faced with water damage. Water damage can occur from a burst pipe or flood. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent and severe consequences. Standing water can cause electrical problems and structural foundation damage. It can also be costly to replace soaked furniture, carpets, or other household materials.
You can save your Houston home from water damage by contacting an emergency team quickly. The following services can be used by professionals to reduce property damage and minimize losses.


A house fire can be devastating for homeowners. There is more to fire damage recovery than salvaging burned or lost possessions, contrary to popular belief. Your home can be further damaged by smoke damage, ash, odors, or residue from the disaster. These biohazard contaminants can pose serious health risks if they are not addressed. It is crucial to contact a fire damage restoration company immediately if you are left with fire damage. Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself. An expert can help you recover damaged items and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. A restoration specialist can usually do the following when necessary:
Mold is one of the most hazardous indoor contaminants that can be found in your home. Mold can spread quickly within 48 hours of its discovery. It can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and health if it is not treated. Mold thrives in damp environments. It is often found under wallpaper, ceiling tiles, insulation, drywall, carpeting, and insulation.


Storm restoration is necessary after storm damage. Storms can cause damage to your property and home. Storm damage residential restoration helps customers recover from storm damage by using the most advanced storm damage cleanup techniques in the industry. We restore homes to their pre-storm condition with the best storm damage restoration methods. Your home will be restored to its original splendor by us. We can do everything, from tearing up wet carpeting to replacing it with new material. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your restoration project after a storm!


After a storm causes destruction, we promise to restore your home or building to its original condition. Our services include storm damage restoration for residential and commercial properties, as well as storm cleanup for municipalities.
Houston Restoration Pros has the expertise to remove storm debris, install drywall, and provide flooring replacement services. Get a free estimate from us to get your home back in pre-storm condition.
Storm-affected peoples and businesses are helped by our storm-recovery services. We use the most effective storm cleanup techniques in the industry to bring their homes back to prestorm condition.

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