The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway is a canal that runs through the heart of The Woodlands, Texas near Houston Restoration Group of the Woodlands. It is a 15-mile long waterway that connects Gathers Reservoir with Buffalo Bayou by running through the northern part of The Woodlands and connecting them to Harris County and Houston. The Woodlands Waterway has been around for over 150 years. What many don’t know is that The Woodlands Waterway was once a very prominent part of the logging industry in this region. Today, you can easily explore this beautiful canal system during your stay in The Woodland’s. It is located in The Woodlands, TX 77380. 

History of the The Woodlands Waterway

The history of the The Woodlands Waterway dates back to the late 1800’s when the city of Houston and Harris County were developing rapidly. The city needed a way to move large amounts of water from the Trinity River to the west side of the city to develop the land. The Woodlands Waterway was built to facilitate this. At the time, it was merely a channel that diverted water from Gathers Lake and flowed it out of the northwest end of The Woodlands into Buffalo Bayou. This channel had several small hydroelectric dams built in it that brought it up to power for the city of Houston. However, it was also designed for boats to be able to easily navigate it. Thus, it developed into a popular recreational area for people to go boating, fishing, and enjoying the many scenic areas along the way. 

How to get to the The Woodlands Waterway

There is no easy way to get to The Woodlands Waterway, but there are some easy ways to access it. You can take either Loop Road or the Grand Parkway, and once you are on the Woodlands Parkway, you will know you are at the waterway. 

Tours and Activities at The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway offers several boat and guide tours throughout the day. You can view the canal system from a boat, a paddle boat, and of course, a boat ride. There are several tours that allow you to explore the various communities along the canal system. Many of these tours are operated by the city of The Woodlands and the Harris County Flood Control District. These include the Heritage Area tour, which highlights the many communities in The Woodlands that once relied on the canal system including Grogan’s Mill, the Grand Park area, and the Grand Forest Area. The Parkland area tour lets you explore the history of the parks in The Woodlands, as well as the wildlife that exists in the area. The Nature Center tour lets you learn about the wildlife in the area as well as the many plants that are found in the area. The Cistern tour lets you see one of the many hydroelectric generating units that power the city of Houston. The Hike and Bike tour lets you explore the many trails that run along the system as well as the many bike paths in the area. And, the Trails, Boating, and Fishing tour lets you explore the many trails in the area as well as the many fishing areas in the area. A great place to also visit is

Things to Do in and Around The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway is an epicenter for many things to do in the area. You can explore the many historic areas in the canal system, enjoy the many recreational areas, take in a show, visit one of the many museums, or explore the many nature areas in the area. While there, you can enjoy some of the many fine dining establishments and see some of the many art galleries in the area. 


The Woodlands Waterway is a stunning and historic part of The Woodlands and Harris County. While it has been around since the late 1800’s, it only became popular as more people moved into The Woodlands. Now, you can explore the many scenic and historic areas of the canal system during your stay in The Woodlands. If you are planning to visit this part of Houston, you must make it part of your itinerary. The Woodlands Waterway is one of the many attractions in The Woodlands that you will want to explore.

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